Whiskers University – Project 616

We were invited to help Whiskers University with their Project 616 dogs. We feel very honored to be helping by walking the dogs each week. During our walks, if the dogs have a bit more energy to burn, we will jog with them.  Our walks allow the dogs to get outside to smell new smells and be social. We also practice recall so they learn to come by name, and it also helps give them some mental exercise. At the end of the walks, both their bodies, and their minds have had a good workout!

Project 616 is such a great program because it’s taking 6 dogs, from 1 shelter, for 6 weeks, to rehabilitate the dogs, teach them manners, and get them socialized and ready to be adopted out. These dogs are currently ready for adoption, and trust me, they have been in great hands!  The Whiskers University staff are amazing, they have cared for these dogs so well, teaching them obedience and just loving them. These trainers really care about the dogs they work with, it’s very obvious as soon as you watch them in action, or just have a conversation with them. Very fun to be around, and we are so happy to be helping out! Visit their website for adoption information!  http://www.project616.com/

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