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Dog of the Week -Riley

Riley is a sweet older whippet who is very well behaved but still has plenty of energy to keep up with his younger brother on our long walks! He has to practice lots of patience because his brother, Lucca is still learning the ropes and can be a bit crazy. There is lots of excitement when I come in and generally toys flying everywhere for a few minutes until I get leashes on. Riley does a wonderful job showing off what a “good dog” looks like trotting along right next to me and sitting so nicely for his treats. Occasionally he does have to be the big brother and keep Lucca in line but they always make up and I love watching them get excited and chase squirrels up trees together. Riley likes to keep one ear flipped over while we are out to really be able to hear every little sound. When I first met him, he had his leg wrapped up because he had gotten in a scuffle with a fox (crazy guy!) so I know if I let him he would happily bring home a squirrel everyday! Now that it’s getting colder Riley has to wear his fancy winter coat when we head out and he is not a fan, when we get back and I pull it off there is lots of crazy shaking and some happy circles before he climbs into his bed for a little nap. I always get a few good laughs walking Riley and his brother and love seeing them on my schedule! -Alaina (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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