Dog of the Week – Piper

Piper’s energy and personality are only surpassed by her gorgeous eyes. She has improved so much since I first met her, going from almost scared to go a few houses down, to squeaking like crazy if I take too long putting her harness on. Piper is so excited about almost everything, except for the occasional bus. Everyday I see her I am so impressed by how much she has improved and grown in just a couple months. If you need a smile or love this is the puppy to meet, if you get near her level you will be attacked with kisses and should you sit down she immediately will be in your lap. Boredom will never be an issue for her as long as there are trees in the world! She LOVES her sticks, from tiny little ones to whole branches (she tried really hard to carry one during a walk a few times). Also, should she happen across a stick, she will put on a real show prancing and hopping around as happy as can be. A day spent with Piper is truly special! -Kym (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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