Dog of the Week -Paxton

Paxton is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves adventure! I am always greeted at the door by Paxton, who is jumping up and down, as high as he possibly can. He keeps his nose pressed up against the door as he patiently waits for me to get his harness on. The second I open the door it is off to the races! Paxton is a speedy guy, and I sometimes have to run to keep up with him. Lately I have been taking Paxton over to his friends’ house so they can be walked together. He absolutely loves spending time with other dogs. You can usually find him chasing a dog twice his size around the yard. He always catches the other dogs and tries to jump on their back! After a few quick laps around the yard we head out for the walk where Paxton always has his nose to the ground. He has to smell every mailbox and tree that he comes across. He can hardly be bothered for a photo or even a treat! Once in awhile though, he will flash me that adorable grin of his and I am able to capture it. Paxton is so playful and a lot of fun to walk. My day is always made a little bit better when I get to spend time with Paxton! -Ashley (Nature of the Dog -Grand Rapids Dog Walker)

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