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Dog of the Week -Ellie

This week we present to you a fancy little lady named Ellie. She is a 1 year old Australian Cattle dog who is a proper girl, as well as, the self-appointed neighborhood watchdog. She is a high energy sweetheart. Whenever I arrive I can hear her quick little chirps in between her “brother” Finn’s yips. As soon as I walk in any noise stops and is turned into wagging tails. I open her crate, wait for her one stretch and then I get a kiss when she, ever so gently, puts her paws on my stomach. I check the flower on her collar then it’s time to “suit up” and head out. She sits very nicely while I get Finn ready and my gloves on, then she watches my back as I lock the door behind us. Our walk cannot start until she scans the street and sniffs 3 (only ever 3 🙂 of my tires. From then on she is prancing around tracking squirrels and sniffing her usual mailboxes and trees. She is very intrigued by wind chimes and can never really seem to figure out where the sound is coming from. As with any other subdivision they are usually cars and people out and about. She wags her tail and perks her ears up for every car and stands perfectly still with her right front paw up when people come outside. She watches until I whisper her name then continues on as if nothing happened. Ellie has the daintiest little walk and is adorable when it rains, the rain itself is no problem but the puddles are not appreciated. She will VERY carefully tiptoe thru them, and gives her brother the evil eye as he goes splashing thru right next to her…every single time! My favorite memory with her (so far) happened around Christmas. A house had a cute little scene set up in the front yard and extended to the sidewalk. There was a wooden penguin cutout, Ellie saw it and was very wary for several minutes as we approached. When we got up to it she very slowly walked up to it and as she was about to sniff it, it spun around! Poor girl took off barking like crazy, when she realized that Finn and I were not scared she decided it wasn’t a huge threat. Ellie is always a treat to walk with and insures there is never a dull moment. I am very much looking forward to getting to know her better and watch her grow into a beautiful lady. -Kym (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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