Dog of the Week -Bosun

Bosun may look and sound like a tough guy but he’s really just a big softy with quite a playful side! I learned rather quickly to hold on to my possessions while Bosun is around as keep away is one of his favorite games. He likes to slowly sneak up and carefully grab my mitten by the thumb then take off under the table. I have realized the best option is to let him have a little fun then pull out my treat bag and barter for whatever it is he has managed to sneak off with. Bosun is either waiting by the front window for me, fogging up the glass with his nose or sleeping upstairs which lets me sneak in and surprise him. Either way his whole body is wagging by the time we get out the door, which takes a bit because he is a bit nervous about his harness and not a fan of his coat. He’s such a good sport about the ordeal and is endlessly entertaining while we are out. Bosun loves squirrels and sniffing around trees but he will always stop what he’s doing and sit right down when he sees my phone come out because picture time means treat time! When we get back he sprints up the hill to the house (always avoiding using the actual stairs) and goes right in to wait for me to refill his water. He always watches me out the window until I’m back safe in my car. My weeks just wouldn’t be complete without my walks with this crazy Boxer! -Alaina (Nature of the Dog -Grand Rapids Dog Walker)

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