Dog of the Week -Bailey

Bailey! This little sweetheart is made of pure energy and is ready to go as soon as you arrive. Each time I walk in she’s laying down and acting shy. When you open her crate she takes two slow steps then she is hopping around, giving kisses and tearing back and forth from the front door and the kitchen. Once her harness is on she gets in one quick stretch and it’s go time! She does so great on her walks and absolutely LOVES meeting new friends of any kind, poor little girl whines when the squirrels run away from her. Bailey is an amazing pup who is improving and growing each time I see her. When I met her I would carry her downstairs easily in one arm and now I can barely lift her. Starting her walks used to take quite a bit of encouragement as she was very nervous and hesitant to leave the parking lot. On our walks now we have a great time exploring the neighborhood and different streets each time, she would go all day if she could, especially if there are the little flags along the sidewalk to follow. After her walk and lunch we usually have a few minutes left to play. She loves to play tug and fetch, depending on the day she will chase a ball the whole time, or she will lay down and give you puppy dog eyes. If you are lucky enough to see “the eyes” from her, sit down next to her and she will curl up in your lap, give you a couple kisses and put her paws on your hands. Bailey is truly made of sugar, spice and everything nice. I look forward to each walk and to see her growing into the gorgeous girl she’s sure to be. -Kym (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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