Dog Walking is good for you!

Not only is dog walking good for your dog, but it’s good for you!
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Walk Your Dog … It’s Good For Both Of You

Walking your dog at least two times a day can be good for you and your pet. Walks can help keep hearts, lungs and circulatory systems working at their best.

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It’s a well-known fact that a little regular exercise is a good thing for just about everyone.  A walk around the block is a simple and excellent way to burn calories, improve the flexibility of your joints and to enhance muscle tone. Regular walking can also keep your heart, lungs and circulatory system working at their best. 

Many people don’t realize that taking your dog out for a walk at least two times a day can create significant benefits for both themselves and their four footed friend.  According to a number of recent studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Geriatrics Society and others:

  • Walking your dog at least twice a day provides you with an easy way to get the minimum 30 minutes of daily exercise that’s recommended by many health professionals – even if you’re only walking in 10- or 15-minute sessions.
  • Because most dogs love to walk, it’s likely that you will walk farther with your pet than you would if you simply went out walking alone.

But the benefits don’t stop there.  Research has shown that dog owners who walk their dogs walk faster than those who don’t. Walking faster increases both your respiration and heart rate, which can help burn calories faster, allow you to maintain or lose weight, and bring vital oxygen and nutrients to your body’s organs. Better yet, if your doctor or your personal trainer has suggested that you try to walk 10,000 steps each day, two 30-minute walks with your pooch around the neighborhood each day can get you well on your way to reaching your goal.  In fact, studies have shown that dog walkers typically walk twice as long as non-dog walkers do in an average week.  With a little help from your dog, your goal may be easy to attain.

Research has also shown that individuals who walk their dogs on a regular basis tend to have lower blood pressure and lower levels of cholesterol – both of which can go a long way toward preventing or combating heart disease.

Perhaps best of all, walking with your dog can be an excellent way for both of you to blow off a little steam and temporarily escape all the stresses of the day.  It’s also a great way to get to know and talk with other dog walkers – which can help fend off the blues and reduce the likelihood of depression – especially in the winter months.

Do something good for yourself and your dog.  Pull on your walking shoes, grab the leash and go!

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