Dog of the Week – Wrigley

“Wrigley is a big Labrador with a wonderful personality to match. He’s a gentle giant and does well with other dogs, people and especially kids! He has a little sister, Elsa, who’s a German Shepherd. They’re best buds and love going on their walks together. Wrigley tends to walk fast, since he’s a big guy, so we keep a fast pace on our walks. He loves walking where there’s plenty of activity and people to see. His favorite thing to do is say hi to the Fed Ex guy who delivers packages around the neighborhood. As soon as he sees him he gets excited and must say hi! Then he gets his biscuit and a pet and he’s ready to go on with the walk. Wrigley has a big heart and I love that I get to spend time with him and Elsa. Seeing his sweet Lab face and that roaring bark always makes me smile!” -Kelsey Jewell (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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