Dog of the Week -Poppy Sue

Poppy Sue is the cutest little Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix! She is always happy to see me when I arrive and lets out the highest pitch bark that one can imagine when I walk through the door. She lives with a Yorkie/Maltese mix named Daisy May so she always has a little buddy around to keep her company, and those two are perfect play mates. Poppy loves to investigate on her walks and often comes back with remnants of her daily adventures sticking to her belly fur and feet, so we try to avoid the briers as much as we can. She is notorious for not staying still for a picture, unlike Daisy, so getting a clear photo of her little face is always a great feat 🙂 It has been such a pleasure getting to know Poppy Sue and I look forward to joining her on many more adventures! -Luke Moord (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walking Owner)

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