Dog of the Week – Piper

Piper is a Lhasa Apso and is one of the cutest dogs you’ll ever meet! She’s a shy girl and takes time to trust new people. She loves other dogs though so I always try to bring her to walk with some of her buddies! When I pull in the driveway she’s right there in the window to greet me. She gets so excited to go on a car ride because she knows it means she gets to see her friends! She travels very well and knows to wait before getting out of the car so I can help her down. She is small after all! She walks great on leash and is used to walking in busy places and around other dogs. I love her to pieces and I always look forward to seeing her cute face and little snaggle tooth! Once she trusts you, she wins over your heart. I’m glad I get to go on adventures with her each week! -Kelsey Jewell (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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