Dog of the Week – Noka

Noka is a very dapper Havanese who wears the cutest bow ties ever. His favorite thing in the world is to eat his after-dinner bone. Upon receiving his bone, he does a little happy dance with his front feet, and then he likes to rub his face or his body in it. Then, he will finally lay down and partake in the tasty treat. If you want to see what pure joy looks like, give Noka a bone. As for walks, he isn’t always thrilled to get out there, but once he gets moving he gets into it. He may stop a few times and act like he doesn’t want to go any more, but if you call him and offer a little treat he normally gets motivated again. 🙂  It’s been so great having Noka be a part of our week, he is a delight! -Jackie Moord (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walking Company Owner)

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