Dog of the Week – Kylee

First off, look at those ears! Kylee has the best expressions and the ears to match. Although she seems to be like a tomboy at first, you eventually see a diva side of her! She lives with two other Beagles, Cody & Jed. She loves walking with them as long as it’s not rainy or cold. If it is, she prefers to wear a coat to stay warm and dry! When it’s time to leave for our walk, she knows to wait at the top of the stairs until I say “ok”. That way it’s easier to go down the stairs and out the door. She loves spending time with her brothers and hanging out in the backyard, as well as chasing the occasional squirrel. She’s a sweet girl and it’s impossible to look at her face and not fall in love! I look forward to seeing those adorable ears each day. -Kelsey Jewell (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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