Dog of the Week – Kingsley

Kingsley is a handsome boy, well fitting his name. Those ears of his are too cute and match his sweet personality. Kingsley loves going on his walks, no matter the weather, and likes to pick up sticks to crunch in half as we go along. We walk at a fast pace or jog since he’s a young energetic dog. He prefers his space when it comes to people and dogs he doesn’t know. We’ve been playing the name game to break his focus of worrying about strangers. When we see strangers I call his name and give him a treat for looking at me instead. It gives him a positive association with the situation and he finds it fun! Once Kingsley has a chance to sniff you and see that you’re ok, he’ll love you forever. He always gives me a kiss goodbye and goes to the window to see me leave. Walks with him are a joy and I look forward to seeing those cute ears and polka-dots each day! -Kelsey Jewell (Dog Walker)

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