Dog of the Week – Jay

Jay is a 5 month old German Shepherd. You can tell by his big paws and ears that he’s still got a lot of growing to do despite how big he already is! He has a sweet, playful personality and gets along well with other dogs. Since he’s just a pup he loves to play! He likes to find sticks to carry or patches of snow to walk on as we go along. He also likes people and even kids. We walk near shops and a nearby school so that he can see all kinds of people and be exposed to different noises and smells. He’s been walking very well and is learning his sit-stays as well as other basic obedience. I look forward to seeing him a couple times each week and can’t wait to watch him grow into a well socialized German Shepherd! –Kelsey Jewell (Nature of the Dog –GR Dog Walker)

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