Dog of the Week – Harvey

Harvey is a Pomapoo and he has the cutest head of hair. When I come in the door he is normally lying on his bed, sometimes he greets me by showing his little teeth, other times he hops up and is ready to go. As soon as we’re out the door he is totally enthralled by his walk. He likes to stop at a lot of the same places to lift his leg, he seems to have a routine. He’s a great little walker and he goes at a good pace. As soon as we get back to his place, I take his harness and leash off and hang them up. When I say good-bye and close the door, he normally sends me off with a few barks from the top of the stairs. He’s such a cute guy and I love his little personality! -Jackie Moord (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walking Company Owner)

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