Dog of the Week – Elsa

Elsa is a beautiful 1 year old German Shepherd. For being so young, she’s very well mannered. She walks nicely next to me on my left while her brother, Wrigley, walks nicely on my right. She’s great with people, kids and other dogs. She prefers to walk where she can see the most people. Kids adore her and her brother. Elsa is surprisingly calm and will let them pet her. She absolutely loves it! They are the perfect example of gentle giants. I love Elsa’s silly, sweet personality. When I stop to take pictures, she always wants to lick my face. I think it’s adorable that a big shepherd is such a sweetie! I feel so lucky to be able to walk with such a great dog as her! -Kelsey Jewell (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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