Dog of the Week -Einstein & Gus

Einstein & Gus. When I first met these pups I was greeted at the door by a giant yellow ball of fluff! That would be Mr. Einstein I met! His brother Gus was a little more hesitant the first day but after that first encounter we’ve been great friends ever since! These two boys love to play in the snow; and in the mud; and with sticks; and with each other; and basically just love to play! Our walks consist of 80% play and 20% walking! Einstein is the more laid back of the two. When I come in the door he gets very excited to see me; until he realizes I’m here to take him outside and then he likes to sit or lay down and pretend he’s too exhausted to walk today. It makes me smile because as soon as we go to “leave without him” he’ll grab the leash and bring it to me to put on him, so I know he’s just playing games. Gus is very excited and has a ton of energy every day! Especially on Mondays! He loves to zig zag back and forth on our walks sniffing anything and everything. Gus is the least photogenic because he sits still for exactly 2 seconds and then is back moving again! Love walking these pups every day!! -Samantha Goosen (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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