Dog of the Week – Berenice

I’ve only known Berenice a short time but she’s already made a big impression. She’s an old girl who still has a lot of spunk! When I arrive, she greets me with a few “woofs” then calmly waits for me to leash her up. She loves walking around the park near her house or taking a stroll through the neighborhood. She does great with other dogs and enjoys having a buddy to walk with from time to time. She loves people too! Berenice always looks forward to having her picture taken on the walk because she knows if she sits and poses, she gets a tasty treat! If I take too long to get the picture, she woofs at me to let me know that I need to hurry up! It’s pretty adorable! Over all, she has an incredible personality and a big heart. I love this sweet girl and look forward to many more walks with her! -Kelsey Jewell (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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