Dog of the Week – Benji

Dog of the Week! This week we present to you a dapper little gentleman named Benji! This adorable Westie is a bundle of energy. He is always so happy when I arrive, even if he is sleeping, he is bouncing around on his hind legs before I’m thru the door. Most days he takes the longest to get ready (put a harness on) because he cannot contain his excitement. No matter what the day brings I can’t help but smile and laugh with him, his enthusiasm is contagious. Every once in a blue moon he will act like he doesn’t want to leave his driveway but, whisper the word walk and he takes off. Sunshine, wind or rain does not change his mood at all, although he will leap over or go around any puddles so he stays clean. He is always a gorgeous glowing white even though on each walk, at some point, I have to get blades of grass or leaves out of his mustache. I hope everyone gets a chance to meet this little man, he is truly one of a kind. One final note, do not forget to give him his “end of the walk” treat, or he will make you feel guilt to your very core as you walk out.  -Kym (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)