Dog of the Week – Alba

Alba is a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is the happiest, most lovable dog you will ever meet! She’s small but she packs a lot of energy, so when we walk I like to jog with her as well as play tug with sticks. She will do anything for a tennis ball and catches on to training fast. I enjoy practicing her sit-stays with her and usually use a stick as a reward because she loves to catch them. Sometimes when it’s chilly out, she can be a little unsure of whether or not she wants to go outside. She’ll take a few steps then realize it’s cold and put the breaks on. Thankfully she has a cozy coat to keep her warm and once we get going and I find a good stick for her to play with, she’s as happy as can be! Alba loves her walks and I absolutely love walking with her. She’s a joy to be around and always makes me laugh!

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