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Dog of the Week -Marley

Dog of the Week! This week we present to you the energetic pup named Marley! On February 2nd she became a beautiful two year old Pit-Lab mix. This little girl is so much fun to walk and each time I am impressed to see how much she is improving. So far her biggest change is this: When I first began walking her I would walk in to see a shy little pup curled up in her crate nervously watching me. After I opened it, while sitting on the floor and talking quietly to her she would begin to very slowly walk out, come over and give some kisses. But, the last time I walked her, I crouched down to open her crate, as usual, she was so happy and jumped out to give me a kiss so fast she knocked me over! Getting her harness on is a very unique thing, she will ever so gently step into it and wait patiently, as soon as she hears it clip however, be ready to jump out of your skin! (I still do every time!) She will immediately be overcome by excitement and will start squeaking, barking, yipping, jumping and spinning in tiny circles. The first time she did this I freaked out because I thought I pinched her skin in the clip, but nope, she’s just really that excited and can’t contain herself! As we begin our walk she zips back and forth so fast she will often trip over herself but it doesn’t slow her down. It seems to be she has to sniff and check everything the second she sees it like it might disappear if she doesn’t. 🙂 Although she has gotten used to me she is still rather shy/nervous about other people and especially dogs. At first she would be very wary and need some encouragement to keep walking if she just heard a dog barking. She has come quite a ways with that, she will get a bit nervous but continues walking, even if we pass by another dog. Marley’s favorite part of the day is when we have a few minutes left and we get back early. Once inside, she quickly stops to have her harness taken off then runs and sits by the slider door to the backyard. She’s off like a shot with her Frisbee the second she can squeeze through the door. Her energy is contagious and I end up laughing the whole time we play. At the end of our time this well-mannered pup will drop her toy by the door and wait for me to open the door. Each walk with Marley is a real treat and I cannot wait to get to know her better and watch her improve as she grows into the beautiful dog she is sure to be. -Kym (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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