Ask the Trainer Events

Information on our Ask The Trainer Event for Apartment & Condo Complexes. This event can be tailored to other businesses needs as well. We are going to start providing this event at Chow Hound Pet Supplies as well as other venues.

Nature of the Dog –GR Dog Walking Company has teamed with Jenn Gavin from A Pleasant Dog, for an Ask The Trainer Event. This is a time for people to get together, meet their neighbors, and ask any dog related questions they have. Topics such as having good condo or apartment manners can be covered, as well as basic training tips, or advice on behavioral issues. Dogs are welcome and local craft beer is provided. The event lasts for an hour.

Jenn Gavin is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer. Jenn teaches people to communicate with their dogs through rewards and positive reinforcement and without force or domination. The service of a trainer has many benefits, one being the fact that well behaved dogs make for a nicer living environment. Jenn can help residents with any issues their dogs may have, which will make for an even more enjoyable atmosphere.

Nature of the Dog –GR Dog Walking Company is certified through dog*tec. Nature of the Dog has been trained in the following: dog communication & body language, aggression in all its forms (what it means, how to prevent it, and what to do about it), safety and fight protocols, and basic training (building reliable sits, recalls, and polite leash behavior). They also are certified in Dog First Aid. The benefits of hiring a dog walking service are many. When dogs get exercised, they normally are quieter and more relaxed. When they are able to get outside, smell the smells and go to the bathroom, they often times are a lot more content the rest of the day. They also have fewer “accidents” that need cleaning.

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