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Dog of the Week -Tesla

Humanity would be at a loss without dogs. They have inherent super powers. Your dog loves you for simply existing and they have such a capacity for forgiveness. It’s invaluable to have a companion who judges so little and loves so large! I feel so much love from Tesla. She’s an easy going girl beaming from head to tail. Tesla always smiles when we walk through the neighborhood and she’s never one to fuss. Tesla naturally maintains a cool, collected disposition on our walks. Dogs don’t bother her, people don’t bother her and she pays no mind to garbage trucks or school buses! Dont let her age ever fool you, Tesla is 12 years young and though she admires lounging on her bed, she’s just as eager to be up and exercising with you. She really is a tough lady with a heart of gold. Her eyes are strikingly beautiful and the first thing to notice if you meet her. They’re soft and baby blue and she’ll use those sweet eyes to charm you and ask for her favorite treats! Tesla looks up frequently on our walks and I can’t help but be drawn to her expression. Her super power is contagious joy. She draws a genuine smile out of me on my roughest days. Tesla is unimaginably sweet and I’m fortunate to walk her every week! -Kailey (Nature of the Dog -GR Dog Walker)

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