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What our clients are saying…

Jackie and Luke have been walking my dog, Oliver, for over a year now and they are wonderful. They are flexible in scheduling, highly responsive, and very reliable. I can trust that Oliver will be walked and well cared for while I am at work and enjoy the assurance of a text from Jackie or Luke letting me know when Oliver has been walked usually along with a fun detail about the walk. I also love seeing pictures of my dog on Facebook from his walk!

Rashelle Ludolph - 2014

My husband and I hired Nature of the Dog to walk our 8 month old dog PG. It was such a relief not to worry about leaving PG alone during the work days that I couldn’t come home to let her out. Nature of the Dog always sent us texts knowing how PG’s walks went and sometimes on Facebook we would see a cute picture of her from the day! We noticed a huge positive difference in her behavior on the days she was walked. She was more well behaved from having been exercised, and happy from getting to go out on a walk while I was at work! I would definitely refer Nature of the Dog to someone looking for a dog walker. They were always very professional when I contacted them.

Stephanie Murray - 2014

Luke and Jackie are just exceptional! Having just moved to the Grand Rapids area, we knew no one. Nature of the Dog came recommended to us by our apartment building manager, as they were the dog walkers that most of the building was using. We have been SO happy with their service provided, and they are great with Lily, our Cavalier King Charles. They go above and beyond! Lily LOVES her daily walks with Luke! I would totally recommend Nature of the Dog if you need a dog walking service! They go above and beyond!

Mary Jones - 2014

I called Nature of the Dog when I realized that my work schedule didn’t allow me to get my three dogs out for walks as much as they needed. Luke came over a couple of days later and the next week they started walking my pups. Nature of the Dog is great! They are dependable and take such good care of my dogs. They are very easy to work with and stay in communication. I plan to increase the number of days they come to walk my dogs.

Lisa Harris - 2014

Luke comes two to three times a week to walk our dogs around our neighborhood. He has also helped us with waste removal around our yard. Right off the bat we could tell Luke was good with animals. We have 3 dogs of varying age, size, and temperaments and he does great with all of them! Since one of us works days and the other works nights, our schedules are always hectic and changing from day to day. Luke & Jackie are willing to work with us on our ever-changing schedule. Also, our home was slightly outside of their normal service area, but they were able to work something out with this. We are very thankful too, b/c we’ve had a couple of less-than-desired pet caretakers in the past. Luke comes 2 or 3 days a week and walks our dogs around the neighborhood. The dogs are always very content after their walks. Each wears a different style collar or harness and Luke quickly learned which dog takes which type. I hope they continue their business venture, b/c with their professionalism and the level of service they offer, they are sure to be the leading dog-walkers in the area.

Mehmet Cavusgil - 2014

I am super grateful for Nature of the Dog. They really care about my dog and are super reliable. I have called multiple times to ask for them to pick-up my dog for a walk, very last minute, and they have been there every time. I love seeing her happy pictures on their website and knowing that she has had a chance to take a potty break and stretch her legs puts me at ease while I’m at work. Moreover, Luke doesn’t just walk my dog; he has gone out of his way to be helpful. For instance, one day I had not had time to bring the trash can in and when I got home he had put it in the driveway. Another time, I had bought a harness for my dog, but couldn’t get it fitted properly and Luke was nice enough to fit it to her so we could use it.

Racheal Fox - 2014

Jackie and Luke are great! They come every week to let our two 50+ lb dogs outside and take them on nice, long walks. When we get home after work, the dogs are always happy and exhausted.

Demy Potter - 2014

I love your focus on the nature of the dog. Chloe seems to me to be such a cheerful loving playful spirit. She also is devoted and loyal. I am so glad you are in her life. Look forward to continuing to have you work with Chloe for her health and happiness. I think she is happy and contented. I know she has a better life because you both are in it! Thanks again.

Pat Bement - 2013

I moved to Grand Rapids from Chicago and was looking for a dog walker that was right for my dog who is not the most friendly to strangers. When I met Jackie she was great and Piper (my dog) liked her. She leaves great notes about her walk and even brings Piper on walks with other dogs which she loves! There have been days where I had to move around walks and she is always so easy to work with. I know I have found the best dog walker!

Andrea Walke - 2013

Dog Walking Rates

As Dr. Ian Dunbar states: “Too many people just walk their dogs much too quickly through the environment.” We totally agree, and we understand how walking at a dog’s pace allows for much needed socialization. This gives a dog both physical and mental exercise. Our 30-minute walk is all about honoring the real nature of dogs.

  • Walk Schedule

    Our 30-minute walks take place between 10am and 4pm (though we do accommodate variable schedules). We require at least two walks per week.

  • Variations Available

    Ask about our 45-minute walk for high-energy dogs and our Solo-walk option for puppies and dogs with unique challenges. Both options starting at $22.

  • We’ve got you covered

    We provide harnesses, leashes and earth-friendly bags.

  • You’ll Hear All About It

    After each walk we will leave a text letting you know how things went.

  • Your House Will Stay Clean

    We provide towels for dirty or wet paws.

  • Yard Clean-Up

    We also offer Yard Clean-up as an add-on option.

What other dog care professionals are saying…

Professional dog walkers know that it is not enough to simply love dogs.  That’s why professional dog walkers seek out continuing education like the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy.  Certification from dog*tec demonstrates that your dog walker is committed to following the best practices to keep your dog safe and happy on walks and to serve you with integrity and ethics.

Kelly Elvin, CPDT-KATip Top Tails Dog Training LLC

I am pleased to recommend Nature of the Dog to all my clients for dog walking services. As the only dog*tec certified walking company in town, I feel confident recommending them because of their certified knowledge in canine CPR and behavior. I even trust Nature of the Dog with my own dogs!

Jenn Gavin, CPDT-KAOwner, A Pleasant Dog

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